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По умолчанию The San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have several players looking to rebound from disappointing 2018 seasons. One player in particular is wide receiver Trent Taylor. A year after an impressive rookie season Arik Armstead Jersey , Taylor took a step backward in every category. He was a dynamic presence on third down in 2017, but struggled to get anything going in 2018.A year ago, Taylor had surgery on his back, and it became clear he was having issues during the season. Last week, Taylor was in Atlanta for the Super Bowl, and he offered some insightinto his back surgery and a longer-than-expected rehab process during an interview on the Simms & Lefkoe podcast.Taylor said he will spend the offseason in San Jose, which gives him time to continue with the 49ers new training staff before the offseason workout program starts in April.The 49ers saw George Kittle break out in a huge way, and also so solid seasons from Dante Pettis and Kendrick Bourne. The team will likely add one or two more skill position players, along with hoping for a solid return from Marquise Goodwin. And yet, if Taylor can get back to his rookie form, he would be a solid addition for Jimmy Garoppolo and that offense. His work moving the chains was kind of a big deal that first season, and something the 49ers will be hoping to see again in 2019. And go! Let’s talk edge rushers. Let’s talk defensive ends, let’s talk—something the 49ers really, really need. Here’s the one thing we need to remember, while a lot of these names are showing up as free agents now, this is a list that is going to grow smaller as the weeks go by. Well Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , for the talented players anyways. Much like when we talked the listed defensive tackles, keep in mind who’s a 4-3 and who’s a 3-4. That really impacts ability and fit with the 49ers brand of chaos they want to make their defense strut with. DeMarcus Lawrence is the first player up and the obvious name that may be available. 27 years old and the big argument is if the Dallas Cowboys should or shouldn’t sign him to an extension. Wherever he goes it won’t be cheap. Lawrence had a great 2018 season. Whether it was better than his 2017 campaign depends on how much you value sacks as the absolute stat for an end. I don’t see him getting out of Dallas, he’s had back-to-back seasons with above average production and is 27 years old, you don’t let that kind of player go. If the Cowboys do decide to part ways, it’s someone that the 49ers could get a look at. Ezekiel Ansah is another option, much cheaper, less durable, much older. That combination’s effectiveness is in the eye of the beholder. I like Ansah for his history with 49ers defensive line coach Kris Kocurek while the two were with the Detroit Lions. It also helps with a chance to give some veteran presence to the line. The 49ers could grab Ansah in free agency for a two-year deal and then draft Nick Bosa. One can hope that Ansah would not get some monster deal and that Bosa falls to the 49ers in this situation. Trey Flowers is another end that would be a solid addition. Young and coming off his rookie deal,I doubt the New England Patriots let Flowers walk into free agency. He’s not a be-all, end-all pass rusher, but he is a solid piece that could offer some nice depth to the rotation. Signing him and calling it a day would be a bad idea, but he could spell Nick Bosa or Josh Allen for a few downs. Bruce Irvin is also available, though I doubt the 49ers even lift a finger to get him. The 49ers went hard after him in 2018 and that circus ended with him going home to Atlanta. That’s one that’s just not happening. Here’s your free agent defensive ends in the league per Over the Cap. I’ve also listed whether they are a 3-4 or a 4-3 DE based on OTC’s spreadsheet. Also remember, that we are doing players listed as defensive ends. There are several linebackers that work on the edge but you won’t find them in this list (Jadeveon Clowney is a good example since he’s a 3-4 linebacker). Things could change with franchise tags and deals, but all of the below have contracts expiring.Would you be interested in any of these guys coming to Santa Clara? Free Agent Defensive EndsPlayerPositionTeamAgePlayerPositionTeamAge
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