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По умолчанию Windows Vista: How to know which updates I still need?

Hi all,

I reinstalled my windows a few months ago but, while I did update them, I'm not sure I got all of the required updates. Years ago I reinstalled vista and it feels that there were more updates back then that I got now.

The last automatic update I got was for the Windows update software itself (7.6.7600.256), then I did a couple of manual ones (.net framework for example) and that's it.

Windows defender keeps updating itself though.

I have Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

Is there anyway I can found out if I need some updates, which ones etc? I did find some update-related threads here but I'm quite lost when it's about if I needed them or not.

For the record, I haven't encountered problems so far.

The only thing that stands out to me is adobe reader, it misses features like sticky notes etc. While checking for updates it tells me there are no available ones at this time, so, I'm wondering if I had an older version of it before the reinstall.


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