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 The Garrett Bradbury and Chris

Lindstrom reviews are complete."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Tennessee Titans Podcast2019 NFL Draft Random Thoughts: First Round Linemen & A Late Round QBNew ,238commentsThe Garrett Bradbury and Chris Lindstrom reviews are complete.CDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Draft Random Thoughts: First Round Linemen & A Late Round QBChristopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsI finally finished watching one of MCMs favourite draft prospects, Garrett Bradbury. There is no doubt he is worthy of the praise hes received so far. Bradbury excels in the run game. He has good agility and footwork, and simply just moves people out of the way.He continually seals off run lanes and looks for work at the second level.There is so much to love about his game and the fit with the Titans seems ideal.Bradbury could become an instant starter at center and push Ben Jones over to right guard. One note of caution though is that he would occasionally struggle against a strong bullrush.It doesnt happen frequently enough to be overly concerning but it does show up on tape.Against Clemsons outstanding defensive line, Bradbury played an excellent game up against Christian Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence.Chris Lindstrom is another OL prospect that will get some first round attention, most likely as a guard. Hes a got a strong anchor and is rarely beat cleanly.Whereas Bradbury can give up ground against a bullrush, Lindstrom has a strong base and is rarely pushed back.In the run game he isnt as much of a people-mover as Bradbury. That may have pushed him down a few draft boards, as he seems more likely to be in the 20-60th selection range. Still, for a very big man he is surprisingly athletic overall. Hes going to be a good fit for a lot of teams.One name to throw out as a late round developmental quarterback is MississippisJordan Taamu.A lot of late rounders have physical traits that limit their ceiling, such as arm strength. Ive never been a big fan of arm strength, at least in how some scouts view it. However, you do need to meet a baseline level to hit all the throws on the field. Taamu meets that requirement. He also can threaten defenses as a runner.Most importantly for any QB, he displays good accuracy.The knock on Taamu is that he needs to become faster at reading defenses and progressing through the play.Overall though, he has enough positive traits that it would be worth seeing if he can put it all together after some time on the bench.Opinions seem pretty split on Taamu. Lance Zierlein of currently has him as his lowest-rated prospect in the draft, while The Draft Networks Jon Ledyard seems to have beaten me to the idea of Taamu as an ideal developmental prospect.Last time we looked at a few underrated receiver prospects.This receiver draft class really is quite impressive.I just finished reviewing Oklahomas Marquise Hollywood Brown and he doesnt seem to be getting enough attention either.He was a human highlight reel in that dynamic offense. With such a deep group, maybe Brown is getting pushed down boards because of his late season Lisfranc injury (required surgery) or size (510). Dont get fooled by his size into thinking hell be a slot receiver. He can win as an outside receiver and that should continue in the NFL.Many Titans fans are hoping for a first round receiver but if the class has so many good options, there is a strong argument for waiting until the second round. Plenty of receivers will be selected before the Titans second round selection but you have to think at least a couple manage to fall, right?Michigan defensive lineman Rashan Gary is a bit overrated , in my opinion. He just doesnt seem to make enough plays. That should be extremely concerning - especially as many mock drafts have him as a top-15 pick.Gary is a versatile player and has the physical traits to be good...but a team would really be counting on his potential.On the opposite end of that spectrum is Florida States Brian Burns. If you havent already, check out this review by FOs Derrik Klassen.Burns combines strong physical traits with production, making him one of the class best edge rushers. In part two (read part one here) of our two-part exclusive interview with Titans TE Anthony Firkser, the New Jersey native talks the nuances behind his route running ability, Matt LaFleurs..."In part two (read part one here) of our two-part exclusive interview with Titans TE Anthony Firkser, the New Jersey native talks the nuances behind his route running ability, Matt LaFleurs detailed offense, Derrick Henry stiff arms and the Titans playoff chances.JM: You havent stopped contributing since being elevated back onto the active roster. Have you always felt like this is exactly what would happen if youd just been given an opportunity?AF: Yeah. You have to have confidence in yourself. I work and train hard. I knew if I ever got an opportunity, Id be able to contribute and help out the team. I just had to prove that to my coaches and to my teammates. I wanted them to know that if they gave me a shot, Id be able to help them win games. Im grateful theyve given me that opportunity. Im thankful for the success Ive had thus far.JM: With the Titans being your third team now, was there ever a moment were you felt like this might be now or never for you?AF: I mean, yeah. That thought definitely goes through your head every time you get cut. After I got cut by the Jets, I was back home for a good 9 or ten weeks. I thought maybe it was time to start looking at other options. I was then cut by the Chiefs and I was like welp, here we go again. I was signed by the Titans after rookie mini-camp. It definitely gives you some extra motivation because you know how unfortunate it feels to get cut. It gives you a little bit of an extra edge out there. You realize you have to find a way to stand out from everyone else. You need to really show that you can contribute and showcase your value to the squad.JM: I wanna talk about your route running a little. I think youre an excellent route runner. How did you pick up some of your releases off the line of scrimmage? The little head fakes that you employ, is that a natural thing for you or does it come from somewhere else?AF: Yeah, I would say that its natural. It could go back to my basketball background a little. Playing point guard, you have to be able to break guys down off the dribble. I think thats where that type of movement translates from. You kinda feel like youre playing one-on-one with the guy Taylor Lewan Jersey White , especially if Im seeing man coverage. You give a fake one way to try and gain the edge on him. You have to finish at the top of the route as well. Id probably credit that to my basketball background.JM: What you just said, and I think youll agree with me, is why I hate when kids specialize too early. Picking one sport and focusing on that from a young age can be a mistake. I dont think people realize how playing a variety of sports can benefit you later on in life.AF: Yeah, I definitely agree with you on that. Basketball and even hockey were huge for me. Hockey definitely helped with my lateral movement, being able to push off and stuff like that. My basketball background helped me develop my quickness and a lot of other areas as well. Football helped with my physicality. Hockey has the physical aspect to it as well.I think being well-rounded and playing different sports growing up certainly helped me out. Its better to develop a wide variety of skills at a young age. You eventually put it all together and use it later on in life when you decide to specialize.JM: I wanna get back to your route running. Do you have a favorite route to run?AF: Id probably say the choice route is my favorite. I can go five yards and pick whichever way to go. That allows me to work off leverage. If the defender is leaning inside, I can break out and vice versa. I feel like that gives me the most options out there. If theyre in zone, I can just sit down somewhere in space. I think I probably like that route the best.JM: Are there any tight ends you model your game after?AF: I definitely like how Jordan Reed runs his routes. He has that quick first step and hes very quick out of his breaks and at the top of his routes as well. Thats definitely something I try to emulate in my game.JM: What is Matt LaFleurs coaching style like? Is he as laid back as he comes across in his interviews?AF: Yeah, he can definitely be pretty laid back in the team meetings and stuff like that. He also expects a lot from us.

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