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По умолчанию Nike Air Max 180 Outlet

Yoon of AMBUSH made her love for the Buy Nike Air Max 180 and Air Zoom Flight very clear, creating an homage to two personal favorites with her very own collaborative release. Though the model’s first drop was kept quite quiet days after its stunning unveiling, the duo are now bringing about a wider launch outside of the hyper local sort. Two colorways impress in neutral versatility, with this much lighter shade opting for a shroud of Pale Grey synthetic, boasting slightly gridded textures with subtly imprinted swooshes crossing over from the profile to the vamp. Toe caps add a slight metallic finish with the taped mudguard and layered heel counter adding extra dimension to the sock silhouette.

The Nike Air Max 180 on Sale standard neoprene upper is nowhere to be found, as Ahn has instead opted for a Zoom Flight “The Glove”-inspired shroud construction — adorned with a tonal swoosh and secured with a zipper — that creeps well above the wearer’s ankle for a futuristic, technical styling completed with a large branded heel tab. Although the top half is new, the bottom half is sure to be inherently familiar to any 180 fan. A light grey heel clip, white/grey midsole, and icy blue detailing surrounding the cushioning unit add a little classic style and nod to the shoe’s early ’90s genesis. A red insole with AMBUSH branding then finalizes the look.

Joining the ‘OG’ varieties of the classic Air Max models is the Nike Air Max 180 Outlet in the trademark ‘Ultramarine’ colorway. Slated for a release at Euro retailers this March, the Air 180 comes pre-treated with vintage detailing, notably the yellowed midsole and the oxide residue on the outsole. For those who rock 180s on the regular, you’d know that these shoes are rather prone to dinginess, so you probably already have your ‘OG’ in your closet, but for those looking to replenish their rotation with one of the best of all-time, your wait has been shortened.

1991 in Berlin was a special time in an ever-evolving setting. Nike Air Max 180 Shoes After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the late ’80s, the city’s art and music scenes exploded — and Nike is now paying homage to that cultural revolution with a special version of the Air Max 180, a shoe that first released in 1991 and quickly became a Berlin staple. The impact of the new-jack techno music that came out of Germany’s capital city in those days is still felt today, so the special Air Max 180 draws its inspiration from the bright colors of the era’s clubs, dressing the white/black shoe with bold neon green and pink accents.

It’s more than just the colors that pay homage though: a soundwave pattern on both the heel and tongue acknowledge the satisfying “wubs” that are an integral part of dance music. Nike Air Max 180 Men's/Women's The metropolis-specific detailing also continues on the midsole/outsole, with a neon green Air bag and a translucent forefoot that boasts “FREEDOM” on the left foot and “UNITY” on the right in bold text, both centered among more soundwaves.

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