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По умолчанию Habits that damage your car.

Hi all,

Here's a helpful information I want to share.

When you start driving a car, you will require more and more habits. Most of these habits are no good to your car and might cause the damage to it. When you are driving you do things you may not know that they are bad habits that is why you will not realize what you are doing is wrong until someone else tells you. You can read the habits bellow, think what kind of habit do you have and try to fix it.

The habits vary and the first one to talk about is resting your hand on the gearstick.

The first thing that you get to learn when you start practicing driving is to keep your both hands on the steering wheels. However, by the time, there will be developments in your habits. Most of the drivers rest their hands on the gearstick, and this is not a good habit. This might cause a problem in shifting gears. Choosing the wrong gear is also a bad habit. Actually choosing the wrong gear happens from time to time unconsciously but to do it frequently is a big problem. For example, staying in the first gear for too long.
Ideally, it is better to rest for a short time is the first gear and then switch to second gear fast.



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