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По умолчанию In the first 2 installments

In the first 2 installments of my Titans offseason plan Dion Lewis Jersey , I looked at guys that should be re-signed and guys that should be cut. Today we move on to guys that should be signed in free agency. My plan for the first wave of free agency is simple: Sign at least 2 receivers. I would sign one guy that is a “slot” type guy and one guy that could take the top off the defense.I think it is important for the Titans to add a veteran receiver or two in free agency because of how young that room is currently. You have Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor heading into their 3rd seasons and Tajae Sharpe heading into his 4th (after missing all of the 2017 season). This is the perfect place to add a couple of guys who have some experience.The first guy I would target is Tyrell Williams. He would give the Titans the deep threat that they have desperately needed for years, and years, and years and...you get the point. Williams will only be 27 when the 2019 season kicks off. For his career he averages over 16 yards per catch. The Titans don’t have a guy on the roster that can do the things he can do.The second guy I would target would be Golden Tate. He would give the Titans that “slot” type guy that can work the middle of the field and give the Titans a threat underneath. He was underutilized in his time with the Eagles after they traded a 3rd round pick for him. I doubt he will re-sign there. I would be perfectly fine with Jon Robinson “over paying” to bring a guy with his experience to the team. If those guys get re-signed by their respective teams, or the Titans miss out on them for whatever reason, you have the back-up plans of John Brown and Adam Humphries. Honestly, getting any combination of 2 of these 4 guys really, really needs to happen. The Titans need to give Marcus Mariota all of the tools possible to succeed in 2019. That starts with getting him more weapons on the outside.After the receiver position, I would turn my attention in the second and third waves of free agency to look for at least one guy that could come in and help fix the interior offensive line. You can see a list of interior offensive lineman that are set to become free agents here. Sign the best guy that is left. From there you fill out the other places on the roster you need some help. It wouldn’t hurt to sign a couple of defensive lineman to come in and battle for a roster spot during training camp. After all of this, Robinson is free to solidify the pass rush in the first couple of rounds in the draft. The first thing the Titans will be doing heading into the offseason will be evaluating players from the 2018 roster (well Eddie George Jersey , after hiring an offensive coordinator). That will include looking at guys that they could possibly cut and deciding whether or not they want to re-sign guys that are set to hit the free agent market. According to Spotrac, the Titans have 13 players that have expiring contractserrick MorganBennie LoganBrynden TrawickQuinton SpainKenny VaccaroKevin PamphileWill ComptonNate PalmerLuke StockerKendrick Lewis Austin DavisDavid Fluellen (restricted free agent)Tye Smith (exclusive rights free agent)To me, the most important guy on this list is Vaccaro. He came in when Johnathan Cyprien went down and played really well. Vaccaro gives the Titans so much more versatility than Cyprien, and we know that Mike Vrabel loves versatility. The smart move here would be to move on from Cyp and re-sign Vaccaro.The next two guys most important guys on the list are Spain and Pamphile. My guess on Spain is that he won’t take a deal from the Titans before free agency opens. He will want to see what he can get on the open market. I would try to re-sign him, but they don’t need to over-spend at guard.Pamphile is a bit of a different story. His market wasn’t terribly strong last year and he is coming off an injury. He gives the Titans a lot of versatility. If he is going to be back to 100%, the Titans should absolutely try to bring him back for another year.Smith is another guy coming off an injury that should be a priority. The Titans have “exclusive rights” to negotiate with him. Smith was really solid for this team when he was on the field at the end of the 2017 season. They should absolutely bring him back.After that we get into guys like Compton and Trawick. They are good on special teams and should be brought back on team-friendly deals.The biggest name here is obviously Derrick Morgan. He has been a really good player for this team for a long time, but it is time to move on from him. The Titans need to get younger and more athletic on the edge.The rest of the guys on the list should be free to hit the open market.
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